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The Will to Power

Book One: European Nihilism
II: Nihilism

§30 The time has come when we have to pay for having been Christians for two thousand years: we are losing the center of gravity by virtue of which we lived; we are lost for a while. Abruptly we plunge into the opposite valuations, with all the energy that such an extreme overvaluation of man has generated in man.

Now everything is false through and through, mere “words,” chaotic, weak, or extravagant:

  • one attempts a kind of this-worldly solution, but in the same sense — that of the eventual triumph of truth, love, and justice (socialism: “equality of the person”);

  • one also tries to hold on to the moral ideal (with the pre-eminence of what is un-egoistic, self-denial, negation of the win);

  • one tries to hold on even to the “beyond” — even if only as some antilogical “x” — but one immediately interprets it in such a way that some sort of old-fashioned metaphysical comfort can be derived from it;

  • one tries to find in events an old-fashioned divine governance — an order of things that rewards, punishes, educates, and betters;

  • one still believes in good and evil and experiences the triumph of the good and the annihilation of evil as a task (that is English; typical case: the flathead John Stuart Mill);

  • contempt for what is “natural,” for desire, for the ego: attempt to understand even the highest spirituality and art as the consequence of depersonalization and as desinteressement;

  • the church is still permitted to obtrude into all important experiences and main points of individual life to hallow them and give them a higher meaning: we still have the “Christian state,” “Christian marriage”

So far as I know, this passage never appeared in any of Nietzsche’s completed works, but I think it is amongst the most striking passages in the entire oeuvre. The first highlighted passage is precisely our present situation: All clear-headed adults know perfectly well that the Christian narrative isn’t true but, without the dubious order and stability it provides, there seems for a great many people to be nothing to replace the notion that we should be obedient in order to secure a seat in Heaven — thus nihilism.

This points toward one of those humdrum ‘elitist’ truths that one is supposed to never say aloud: Many people never actually reach adulthood, and require firm supervision right up until the day they are lowered into the grave; they are, indeed, at sea without a Big Daddy telling them what to do.

So, too, the second highlighted passage. How on earth can a Christian clergyman ‘sanctify’ a marriage, when the whole of his teaching aims at undermining those things which make a relationship a marriage? When he strives constantly to replace the mutual loyalties and shared ambitions of family life with the tribalism of the cult? “Family values” is a bald marketing lie.

This passage is a good example of the reason I say Nietzsche was born 125-years too soon; it would have been mystifying to most readers when it was written, but the meaning is plain to any modern.

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Dismal theology tweet for the day, II

Actually … no. Nobody even knows who wrote most of the texts of the Bible, or anything about the authors; it could have been a bunch of drunk college boys who just wanted to see what they could get away with. I’m not saying it was, but that Mohler doesn’t actually know that it wasn’t, and that eliminates his right to claim inerrancy for the Bible. Biblical Inerrancy is a self-aggrandizing marketing lie that benefits clergy, and injures everybody else.

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Dismal theology tweet for the day

Though he is the most heavily-documented liar in the entire SBC — and that’s saying something — and even though a federal judge harshly rebuked him for a SLAPP, and even though the school he leads lost its accreditation on his watch, ol’ Ergun Caner rides high with an invite to preach at the church of a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

And y’all think I go too far when I tell you that the Southern Baptists worship a sewer-god.

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The Will to Power

Book One: European Nihilism
II: Nihilism

§29 The ways of self-narcotization. — Deep down: not knowing whither. Emptiness. Attempt to get over it by intoxication as music; intoxication as cruelty in the tragic enjoyment of the destruction of the noblest; intoxication as blind enthusiasm for single human beings or ages (as hatred, etc.). — Attempt to work blindly as an instrument of science: opening one’s eyes to the many small enjoyments; e.g., also in the quest of knowledge (modesty toward oneself); resignation to generalizing about oneself, a pathos; mysticism, the voluptuous enjoyment of eternal emptiness; art “for its own sake” (“le fait”) and “pure knowledge” as narcotic states of disgust with oneself; some kind or other of continual work, or of some stupid little fanaticism; a medley of all means, sickness owing to general immoderation (debauchery kills enjoyment).

  1. Weakness of the will as a result.

  2. Extreme pride and the humiliation of petty weakness felt in contrast.

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