Research on transubstantiation

What do you know? After the magic words and hand-waving, communion wafers still contain only wheat DNA.

Conclusion: consecrated wafers do not contain human DNA, though they could sometimes acquire a bit of it by being handled. After being consecrated, all their DNA still comes from wheat.

Now you could argue that testing DNA doesn’t tell you whether Jesus is in the wafers, but if they still look and taste like wheat, and still have wheat DNA, on what basis can you then claim that the wafers have become the body of Christ?

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You-can’t-make-this-stuff-up department

Like Gina Miller, this guy is so deranged I can’t help wondering if he’s some sort of cartoon.

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The Will to Power

Book One: History of European Nihilism
II: Nihilism

§116   The inversion of the order of rank. — The pious counterfeiters, the priests, among us become chandalas — they replace the charlatans, quacks, counterfeiters, and wizards; we consider them corrupters of the will, great slanderers of life on which they wish to revenge themselves, rebels among the underprivileged. We have turned the caste of senants, the Sudras, into our middle class, our “Volk” ["people"], those who make political decisions.

On the other hand, the chandala of former times is at the top: foremost, those who blaspheme God, the immoralists, the nomads of every type, the artists, Jews, musicians — at bottom, all disreputable classes of men-

We have raised ourselves to the level of honorable thoughts; even more, we determine honor on earth, “nobility” — All of us are today advocates of life. — We immoralists are today the strongest power: the other great powers need us — we construe the world in our image —

We have transferred the concept of the “chandala” to the priests, teachers of a beyond, and the Christian society that is grown together with them, as well as all who are of the same origin, the pessimists, nihilists, romantics of pity, criminals, vice addicts — the whole sphere in which the concept of “God” is imagined as a savior —

We are proud of no longer having to be liars, slanderers, men who cast suspicion on life —

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Gay and Southern Baptist

It has been well-known for a long time that sexual uneasiness is what delivers a lot of young men to the seminary doorstep. Now, some Southern Baptists are determined to talk about that — and good for them.

Hood said one story stands out in particular: “A dear, dear friend who continues to serve the Southern Baptist Convention, who told me that he sat in dormitories at Southern Seminary and had to decide whether he wanted to end his life or whether he wanted to live in a closet and serve Southern Baptist churches.”

“Thankfully he chose to continue to live,” Hood said.

This is sadly reminiscent of a remark made by Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robinson years ago — that when he was in seminary it was understood that suicide is what the good gays do.

Nuts. What a sick and destructive culture.

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Adrift in Utah

A Southern Baptist seminary student goes to Utah to ‘save’ the ‘lost.’

Imagine the city in which they live being one of the safest places on earth, where children walk the downtown streets at 11pm with no fear of a harm. On Sunday, all the families walk to church and seem to listen intently, believing every word they hear.

It’s because of their religion that the city is so safe; it’s because of their belief that the children are so kind; it’s because of their rigor that they believe every word.

But all of that belief, religion and rigor is Christ-less, God-less and Spirit-less. You’re in Salt Lake City.

[ ... ]

I had the privilege of spending three days talking with and listening to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (more commonly known as Mormons) expound upon their beliefs and sat dumb-founded at the extent of their beliefs. We had no idea that a place like this existed in America.

Of course, our team had heard of Mormons before and some, had previously had extensive interactions with them (so they were less dumbfounded) but a few of us, myself included, had never talked to a practicing Mormon before this trip. For me it was heartbreaking to do so.

Honestly, the ignorance this character is expressing is just breathtaking.

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